Brave Curved Mitts
$29.95 pr

Century Drive Mitts
$49.95 pr

Focus Leather Mitts
$69.95 pr

Focus Mitts (Red and Black)
$59.95 pr

Double Leather Kicking Paddle
$29.95 ea

Made for partner training, these mitts have a curved design for catching punches, plus finger slots for a superior grip, and are constructed with durable polyurethane.

Durable and lightweight, the Drive Curved Punch Mitts are built for improving speed and reflexes. Ergonomic, curved design aids in catching punches and is ideal for partner training. Premium Quality leather for the ultimate in performance and longevity. The open finger slip-on hand cover on back allows for fast, convenient application and security during workouts. Interior palm ball keeps mitts comfortable and secure for trainers with ideal anatomic grip. More than 2" of multi-layered shock absorbing foams for professional results Elongated design provides extra surface area for catching punches. Perforated hand compartment and wrist strap provide comfort and quick dryingFinger hood protects the trainers hands from injury Fully constructed with durable, premium leather. High quality leather double clapper paddle for kicking training
Double Vinyl Kicking Paddle
$21.95 ea

Single Leather
Kicking Paddle
$21.95 ea

Single Vinyl Kicking Paddle
$15.95 ea

Tiger Claw Kicking Paddle
$32.95 ea

Brave Forearm Sheild
$24.95 ea

High quality vinyl double clapper paddle for kicking training High quality leather single paddle for kicking training High quality vinyl single paddle for kicking training High quality vinyl double clapper paddle with plastic inserts for durability Made of lightweight, impact absorbing foam, this forearm shield is great for beginner and student partner training. The back handle and hook-and-loop strap ensures a secure grip. Sold individually
Century Blocker

Kicking Shield

Oval Target

Square Target
$21.95 ea

Starting at $16.95
Great for developing blocking skills and timing while reducing impact energy, this blocker has a plastic, textured handle that extends inside the foam core. Covered with high-density black nylon for extended wear, this blocker is 28 inches in total length. Thick enough to withstand full contact kicks and punches. This foam shield is a great training tool to develop power offering the opportunity to blast away at full strength. Dimensions are 29" x 14" x 5". Numerous handles make this a versatile kicking shield that can be held in many different positions. This oversized, hand-held target is perfect for martial artists with its thick foam and durable vinyl construction. Three web strap handles -- one with a clear PVC handle -- provide a sure grip

This vinyl target is great for speed and focus drills. Versatile, maneuverable and easy to hold. Great for kids! (10" x 8.5" x 3")

Ideal for toughening and strengthening your hands and feet, this makiwara board features a heavy duck canvas shell. The inside is packed with an extra strong. 1" thick high density shock absorbing foam. Mount using the four mounting holes in the corners or hold it for your partner.
Striking Bag

Thai Pads
$99.95 pr

Wrist Wrap Gloves

Neoprene Gloves

Training Dagger

Develop strength and power in your punches while toughening your skin and hardening your fist. 14.5” square Made from top quality genuine leather Reinforced handle Hook & loop straps for a secure fit   Lightweight for cardio bag workouts, made for beginners just getting into martial arts. Composed of neoprene and foam padding, these gloves are machine washable, with a slip-on design and grip bar for proper fist formation. Practical for all aspects of knife training. Has the feel of a real blade. Ideal for novices and experts alike. Edges and tips have been rounded to promote safe use. Made of highly durable and slightly flexible polypropylene
Folder Training Knife

Metal Training Knife

Red and Black Rubber Gun

Yellow Rubber Gun

Rubber Training Dagger

This folding practice knife has an unsharpened 4" stainless steel blade with chrome plating and rounded tip. The folding lock blade style includes a handy belt clip. The 4-3/4" handle features a rubber grip area for better control. Blade cannot be sharpened.

Fixed blade practice knife measures 8-1/2" long. The chrome plated stainless steel blade cannot be sharpened. Features a rubber handle for better grip.

Iron Palm Liniment

OHC Dit-Da-Jow

Wing Lam Dit-Da-Jow

White Tiger Liniment

Re Breakable Boards
$64.95 each

Protects and brings chi to the hands 4 oz bottle

A deep penetrating ointment used throughout the martial arts to loosen, sooth and relieve sore and pulled muscles. Also works great on all bruise injuries. 4 oz bottle

Dit Da Jow (Double Strength Formula) is essential for iron palm training. This formula Dit Da Jow can be used for bruises, sore muscles and conditioning your hands. It is brewed from select Chinese herbs, Dit Da Jow is excellent for relieving minor aches, tired muscles and injuries. A cold liniment used to treat injuries to bones, joints and tendons. Apply immediately after receiving injury to inhibit swelling and reduce stiffness and pain. Use alone or with an ice pack. 4 oz bottle The Ultimate Martial Arts Board design is similar to the size and feel of a real wooden board. It is constructed of super tough nylon to provide unbeatable strength and durability. Each board consists of two identical halves that snap together easily with our unique, patented hinge. Rubber padding on the back side enhances the grip and comfort for the individual holding the board. The Ultimate Martial Arts Board will provide thousands of consistent breaks, no matter what your level of expertise! BREAKING STRENGTH BY COLOR: White=3" strip, Yellow=5" strip, Orange=7" strip, Green=1 wood board, Blue=1.25 boards, Brown=1.75 boards, Black=2.25 boards
Wood Boards
Starting at $1.95/board
Size Options

Board breaking is a common way to gain confidence, skill and power. These composite boards are an inexpensive way to train beginners and children. Made from lightweight laminated real wood called Paulownia, these boards are designed to break safely and easily. 8 mm- 1/3” - 1.95 12 mm – ½"